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Hello and welcome to All Automotive Repair. We are the transmission shop in McDonough, GA that people trust. We have over 100 years of automotive experience as a team and we look forward to helping you. We repair, fix, and replace transmissions on all types of cars, trucks, vans, etc Your vehicle is always in trusting hands here at All Automotive Repair.

A transmission is an essential component of a functioning vehicle. The simple truth is that your car cannot run without a transmission. Unfortunately, too many people continue to drive their cars for long periods of time without a transmission tune-up. What is even more unfortunate is that this choice often leads to unexpected (and very expensive) mechanical breakdowns in customers’ transmissions. Whether you suspect you have transmission issues or you have already experienced a breakdown, All Automotive Repair is here to help you whip your vehicle back into shape.


Some Common Causes Of Transmission Issues

Transmission failure often happens for a reason.

Your transmission has many parts to it. Consequently, it’s possible that there can be many different causes for transmission problems or failure. Some of the most common causes of a malfunctioning transmission include:

  • Your transmission requires a certain amount of fluid in order to run well and prevent shifting and gear slipping. If your transmission fluid levels have gone too low for too long, you will likely start to see significant problems pop up.
  • The state of your transmission fluid filter is a reflection of the condition of your transmission. This means that having a dirty transmission fluid filter for a long time means that your transmission is probably pretty grimy. In turn, your dirty transmission can once again lead to gear shifting and slipping issues.
  • Worn transmission bands and gear are a common cause of transmission failure. Transmission gears are what make your transmission run, but over time they can become worn and fail to link or mesh as they should. Transmission bands do the job of linking gear sets, but they often become frayed and can end up impacting gear function.
  • In an automatic transmission, the torque converter helps to move transmission gears by providing adequate pressure for the transmission fluid.

We can help identify and repair any of these issues when we check or tune-up your transmission. Ask us about a transmission checkup the next time you come in for an oil change.

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Transmission Problems Have Warning Signs

If you notice any of these issues, call us for help right away.

Your transmission will often let you know when it is in trouble and needs care from a qualified mechanic. Call us and make an appointment for a checkup if any of the following occurs:

  • You notice fluid on the ground when you pull your car out of the driveway
  • Your car shakes or grinds when you try to shift gears
  • You hear loud noises like clunking and whining when you drive your car
  • Your car doesn’t respond to gear shifting
  • There is a burning smell coming from your car
  • Your “check engine” light is on permanently

Don't Let Your Transmission Go Unchecked

We can help you take care of even the most serious transmission problems.

Don’t allow your car problems to go unchecked. Jeff Gubler has been in the business of fixing cars for over 35 years, and he can help you with everything from serious transmission issues to simple brake repair in McDonough, GA. One checkup from an expert technician at an established transmission shop like All Automotive Repair can make all the difference in helping you keep your car running well for as long as possible.

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