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“I am the type of person that, for whatever reason, has never been able to trust mechanics. These people have time and again provided timely repairs at reasonable cost and have always been very friendly. On two specific occasions I would have expected costly repairs based on the symptoms of the car and would not have questioned a relatively high bill, guess what, once was a charge less than $50 and the other was no charge. My highest recommendations go to ALL AUTOMOTIVE. Thanks for the superior work you have done for us.”
~ Client Testimonial
I’ve been going to this repair shop since they opened. Honest and just nice mechanics. If you can believe that in this day and time.but, it’s true.
Jeff and his crew are the best automotive techs in Henry county. They do the job right, the first time. Marv is the best exhaust pipe bender in the state. If you want a TRUE custom exhaust………go see Marv at All Automotive Repair. He’ll hook you up!
The guys at All Automotive Repair have been my “go to” mechanics since I moved to the area nearly ten years ago. I have always found them to be honest, thorough, and reasonable. They always do what they say they will and when I bring them a problem to diagnose they will always call me and let me know what the price will be before they begin to do the work. If you are looking for a repair shop to hook up with, this is the one.
Jul 11, 2013
Wyatt Spann - McDonough, GA
Jeff and the crew are all outstanding! I’ve called them about the smallest things and each time they have patiently checked my vehicle, repaired when needed, and sometimes, no repair was needed and I get sent away with a no charge! If you’re a woman who’s had issues in the past feeling “fleeced” by mechanics, come see these guys. Clean shop, nice waiting area, all mechanics are visible, they’re quick, efficient and at a good price ALWAYS!
Jan 29, 2015
Elizabeth Spears - McDonough, GA