Mufflers and Custom Exhausts

All Automotive Repair is your place for exhaust repairs. We have 40+ years of experience and our exhaust specialist is truly an artist with custom exhaust systems. We also install Factory exhaust and catalytic converters. From minor repairs to complete exhaust system design. We Care !!

Muffler Shop & Repair in McDonough, GA

Mufflers may seem like just a small part of your car, but they play a huge role in the way it runs. You need to know how to recognize the signs that you’re having muffler problems so you can get them taken care of right away.

Auto Repair Shop in McDonough, GA

We have been offering auto repair in McDonough, GA since 2002. We have over 100 years of auto repair experience and are certain we can help you! We look forward to your call and scheduling a time when we can help repair your vehicle. We work hard, we’re honest, and we rely on word of mouth referrals to keep our auto shop running all year round.