Brakes are one of the most used parts on a car. If you are hearing a lot of squeaking and squealing when you push the break peddle, that is often a sign that you need new brake pads. Make sure you get your brake pads replaced before they start wearing down your rotors. Call All Automotive Repair in McDonough to take care of all your brake needs!

Brake Repair in McDonough, Georgia


We do brakes here at All Automotive Repair in McDonough, GA. We are a full service auto repair shop and would love to help you with your brakes.

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We have been offering auto repair in McDonough, GA since 2002. We have over 100 years of auto repair experience and are certain we can help you! We look forward to your call and scheduling a time when we can help repair your vehicle. We work hard, we’re honest, and we rely on word of mouth referrals to keep our auto shop running all year round.