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McDonough Auto RepairThanks for visiting our website and we hope to hear and see you soon. We are an automotive repair shop in McDonough, Georgia. We have over 100 years of combined experience here at our shop. Our company officially opened its doors in 2002. It has been over 12 years and we have serviced too many people to count in McDonough, GA. We take pride in our work. All Automotive Repair services most makes and models of vehicles. When it comes to offering quality automotive services we work hard at focusing on making sure each and every customer is satisfied with the automotive services we provide. One way we do this is by guaranteeing all of our work!

Automotive Services We Offer in McDonough

Because we service most makes and models of vehicles we offer a full range of car services. Here is a brief list of the services we offer with links to our service pages describing our car services in more detail.
  1. Auto Repair
  2. Car Maintenance
  3. Brakes
  4. Emissions Testing
  5. Engine Replacement
  6. Mufflers & Custom Exhausts
  7. Oil Changes
  8. Tires
  9. Transmissions
As you can see we offer a wide range of services for vehicles. We look forward to seeing you in our McDonough shop. Feel free to call us on the phone before you come as well.

Our Auto Shop Articles

Muffler Shop & Repair in McDonough, GA

Mufflers may seem like just a small part of your car, but they play a huge role in the way it runs. You need to know how to recognize the signs that you’re having muffler problems so you can get them taken care of right away.

Engine Replacement Shop McDonough, GA

Knocking sounds, white smoke in the exhaust, and metal shavings in your oil are not normal – they are signs that you may need engine replacement. Although it sounds expensive, engine rebuilds and replacements can actually save you money in the long run!

Radiator Repair in McDonough, GA

Your car’s radiator is responsible for preventing the car from overheating. If you notice any symptoms of a leaky or otherwise malfunctioning radiator, you need to bring your car in right away!

New Catalytic Installation Services in McDonough, GA

Catalytic converter problems can be very difficult to diagnose, but we have the expertise necessary to get to the root of your catalytic converter problems and install a new one in your car if need be.

Transmission Shop in McDonough, GA

Your transmission is the lifeblood of your vehicle. All transmissions experience wear and tear over time, but getting expert repair in a timely manner is vital to keeping yours running like it’s supposed to.

Emissions Testing in McDonough, GA

Hi! I’m Jeff. I’m glad you chose All Automotive Repair to help you with your emission testing in McDonough GA. We are the leading experts in McDonough, GA. Our cumulative experience is over 100 years. Let us put our expertise to work on your behalf.

Oil Change in McDonough, GA

We do oil changes in McDonough, GA. We are a full service auto shop that is locally owned and operated. We treat our customers right every time!

Brake Repair in McDonough, Georgia

We do brakes here at All Automotive Repair in McDonough, GA. We are a full service auto repair shop and would love to help you with your brakes.

Auto Repair Shop in McDonough, GA

We have been offering auto repair in McDonough, GA since 2002. We have over 100 years of auto repair experience and are certain we can help you! We look forward to your call and scheduling a time when we can help repair your vehicle. We work hard, we’re honest, and we rely on word of mouth referrals to keep our auto shop running all year round.