Our Staff

Our team of experts here at All Automotive Repair has well over 100 years of combined experience. In fact, it is our staff that makes us unique in our industry. Our team of professionals are passionate about being honest and maintaining a high level of integrity. Our honesty and integrity are highly valued and respected by our clients.

Meet Our Staff of Experts

All Automotive Repair StaffJeff Gubler

Experience: Over 35 Years.

Position: Owner

About: Jeff has been working on cars all his life and officially started his first auto job when he was 16 years old. With over 25 years of automotive repair experience Jeff started All Automotive Repair in September of 2002.

Today Jeff is still the proud owner of All Automotive Repair in McDonough. His experience in the automotive industry and his commitment to being honest and full of integrity have greatly contributed to making All Automotive Repair a trusted name in the area.

All Automotive Repair StaffDon Phillips

Experience: Over 8 Years.

Position: Office Manager

About: Don or A.K.A “dad” is the first friendly voice our customers hear when calling our office. Don has been working with All Automotive Repair for 8 years. Don is great at communicating with each customer regarding their automobile needs and received services.

All Automotive Repair StaffMarv Harbin

Experience: Over 35 Years.

Position: Mechanic

About: Marv has been with All Automotive Repair for 6 years. His experience and attention to detail set him apart in the industry. Marv has been working on cars for 35+ years. His areas of expertise are custom exhaust systems, brakes, steering & suspension, and tires. Marv is one of the reasons why so many people choose All Automotive Repair for their custom muffler needs.

All Automotive Repair StaffGeoff Barnes

Experience: 34 Years.

Position: Mechanic

About: When it comes to doing auto diagnostics right Geoff is the guy for the job! Geoff has 34 years of experience. Geoff specializes in the electrical systems of cars. If your car’s check engine light is on, Geoff is who diagnoses the problem here at All Automotive Repair. You can always expect accurate and correct diagnostics from Geoff.

All Automotive Repair StaffBill

Experience: 30 Years.

Position: Mechanic

About: Bill has now been working here at All Automotive Repair for 8 years. Bill handles all of our engine replacements, engine repairs, engine diagnostics and A/C repairs. Bill is an important piece of our trusted services. With 30 years of experience Bill provides customers with such attention to detail that when Bill fixes a car problem they can trust that it is fixed for good.

All Automotive Repair StaffGrant

Experience: 2 Years.

Position: Maintenance Manager

About: At All Automotive Repair we understand that the more organized our staff is the better we can service our customers. Grant is an important part of that. Grant helps keep the office and shop running smoothly by keeping it organized. On top of helping maintain order and cleanliness, Grant helps by test driving cars to verify problems with cars.