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Your Catalytic Converter Is Vital. Let A Professional Handle It.

Your car’s catalytic converter is not only a vital part of its operation, it’s also an important part of keeping the environment clean and free of harmful emissions. It’s the catalytic converter’s job to ensure that the harmful gasses (such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide) released by your car are converted into less harmful substances like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen. In a world that is trying to find ways to save the planet every day, catalytic converters are key in making that a reality for every driver, which is why emissions testing is so important. However, it takes an expert mechanic like the ones we have here at All Automotive Repair to diagnose catalytic converter problems and install a new one if yours is failing.

Signs That Your Catalytic Converter May Be Failing

If you notice any of these signs, bring your car in to us right away.

One of the questions that many drivers have is how to tell when their catalytic converter may be on the verge of failure. Although catalytic converter failure is something that needs to be diagnosed by a professional mechanic at an automotive or transmission shop in McDonough, GA, there are a few things that may signal the need for you to bring your vehicle in to have it checked out. Some of those signs include:

  • Power: A loss of power in your car usually occurs when too much unused fuel reaches the catalytic converter and causes it to begin burning out. You can tell that your car is losing power when it hesitates during acceleration or when your tachometer consistently shows low revolutions per minute.
  • Emissions: Is your car blowing black smoke from the exhaust? If so, this could be a sign that the fuel you’re burning is too rich and it’s affecting your catalytic converter in a negative way.
  • Sounds: Cars with a failing catalytic converter may rattle if the fully-heated converter comes in contact with a much cooler substance (such as snow or cold rain)..
  • Smells: The wrong fuel mixture (one that happens to be too rich) can cause your catalytic converter to give off exhaust fumes that smell like rotten eggs due to the overproduction of hydrogen sulfide.

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Again, these things are only symptoms that alert you to possible catalytic converter problems. We invite you to bring your vehicle here to All Automotive Repair so that we can give you a proper diagnosis and let you know whether it’s time for a new catalytic converter for your car. We have both the tools and the expertise necessary for a true analysis, and we stand behind the work we do for our customers.

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Your catalytic converter is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. For you to be driving around with a damaged or failing catalytic converter is bad for both you and the environment. Fortunately, we at All Automotive Repair are experts when it comes to installing new catalytic converters in just about any vehicle. After twelve years in operation, we have helped many customers get their cars – including their catalytic converters – back into tip-top shape. We can take care of just about all your car’s needs, from transmission repair to an oil change to a catalytic converter installation. Allow us to have the pleasure of knowing that you’re driving a vehicle that runs better when it leaves our shop than it did when it came in.

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