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Your car muffler is a vital part of your vehicle. For that reason, you can’t let muffler problems go unchecked and expect that your vehicle will still operate well for very long. Unfortunately, if you don’t know how cars operate it can be difficult to recognize when you are having muffler problems. Fortunately, All Automotive can remedy that problem for you. Let us provide you with some education about your muffler and help you to know when you may be in need of muffler repair or replacement. Then, if you suspect that it does, you can bring your car in to our shop and let us fix it for you. We’ve been in business for over a decade and have nearly three times as many years of experience. From radiator repair in McDonough, GA to muffler replacement, we are confident that we can provide the best service for your vehicle.

Do You Know The Importance Of Your Car's Muffler

Muffler problems put both you and your vehicle at risk.

Car mufflers may look like just a small part of your car, but they serve several significant purposes:

  1. They move exhaust gasses away from the car. This is one of the most important functions of a muffler because carbon monoxide is produced by the combustion process include carbon monoxide, and it can be deadly when breathed in. These gasses are supposed to go through the exhaust manifold channel and into the muffler, which then directs them away from the car.
  1. The help your car to run smoothly and stay quiet. One of the main functions of your muffler is to help create the compression force that allows the engine to run properly. The muffler does this by helping to control the rate at which exhaust gasses flow out of the car. If your muffler is broken, your engine will not only not run smoothly, but it will begin to produce a lot of noise as well.

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Indicators That Your Muffler Needs Work

If you notice any of these signs, come in to see us right away.

Just like most of your other car problems, your muffler will give you warning signs when it is in need of repair. Some of these signs include:

  • Loud Sounds and Vibrations: As previously stated, one of the functions of the muffler is to muffle the sounds of the engine. When it isn’t working properly, your car will operate very loudly when you are driving it. You may also notice that the steering wheel or foot pedals begin to vibrate, which could signal an exhaust system leak.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: Because your muffler and exhaust system is so intricately connected to your engine performance, you may notice that your fuel economy is affected when you are having muffler problems. If the MPG you were getting on your car has gone down for no reason, then it’s time to take your car to a repair shop.
  • Questionable Odors: Now that you know that the exhaust process involves the production of carbon monoxide, you should be running to the nearest muffler shop if you notice a strong odor coming from your vehicle. If your muffler has holes in it, it could be letting out more exhaust fumes (and more of this deadly gas). Not only can this cause you to fail your emissions testing, but it can result in health issues as well.

Muffler Problems Lead To Other Issues

We can help keep your car in working order.

If you notice any of these symptoms, your best bet is to bring your car in to our engine replacement shop right away. The longer you ignore the problem the more it will cost to fix it, and it may even end up causing additional issues for your car. When you come to visit us, we’ll quickly address and diagnose your muffler problems and come up with a plan to repair or replace it. When you leave our shop, you can rest assured that your car muffler will be in tip-top shape.

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